Dear Formidable Woman

Jul 20, 2018 | Inspiration, Letters From A Girlfriend

Formidable woman,


I want you to know that life would sometimes throw curve balls at you, unpredictable situations that rattle your comfort zone, but remember that you are strong and Formidable. The mighty one roars in you.


It’s okay to cry sometimes, it’s okay to shout it out (I feel like screaming my head out sometimes, lol!), but never try wading through a phase of your life without the greatest genius of all times – THE HELPER.
Our good Father has seen your need for Him before now, that’s why He sent the helper. You can walk through every phase of your life – hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, and when you come out on the other side,  you emerge as the glorious overcomer you have been all along!
Don’t stop Living. Don’t stop believing.
Much Love,



My name is Mary. I am that daughter of  a King (Omo  Oba) who never survives in comfort zones. I seek to live in the centre of my Father’s Heart,always.

I love chocolate, quality yogurt, and I think Tom and Jerry is one of the best  things that happened to my childhood (even now), but that’s after MULAN, and I’m also in love blithe RIO.  OK, I love cartoons! But that’s probably because movies make me sleep! Lol!
Love you.

-Forgot to add, I have a blog too…. feel free to  check it out sometime –






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