Confessions of A Rascal_A True Story

May 29, 2019 | Inspiration, Short story, True Stories

I have a confession to make. I was secretly a rascal in my childhood years. 

I once formed a gang of girls that beat up guys after school. It was mostly one particular dude that got into trouble since he was usually the instigator (I still had boundaries). I knocked out his tooth one time. I wore the memory like a badge of honor. I did fight other boys, but I believed I was on the right side justice.

I read a few books about boarding school and how fun it was to get into trouble. I went to boarding school with the full intent of experiencing all of it. So like the boys in the stories, I stole a banana from the school farm, and I scaled a fence (it was a low one, but still). 

When my primary school banned students from making purchases of snacks outside of the school gates, I told my classmates that I could sneak things in for a price. I got paid to smuggle snacks for them. I reveled in the thrill of the adventure.

I beefed my goody-too-shoes friends in junior secondary for being a hindrance to my total disregard for school rules.

I participated in conjecturing stories about the nursery school gardener’s dealings with “Willy-willy”. My classmates and I scared ourselves happy with the stories. I was about four.

I climbed my secondary school’s tower with my fellow adventurers because it was forbidden and fun.

I was a rascal, but I’ve totally repented. You have to believe me. 

P.S. I hope my kids don’t read this story; I’m concerned I may have rascals like me!


My name is Mema Daisy. I’m a writer, mentor for girls, girl enthusiast, filmmaker, and the founder of Uplift Girl. I’m also pretty much an introvert, lover of nature, and adventurer. 

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