Confessions of a Loved Woman

Apr 3, 2018 | Inspiration

Some days I wake up feeling out of sorts. No passion or zeal for the day. No passion for praying and spending time with God on such mornings. Today was one of such days.

I prayed to God for help. I knew that it was just my feelings getting in the way. Possible worries. Unresolved issues. Unanswered questions. I struggled a while, but decided to lean on the Holy Spirit anyway. I worshipped and acknowledged God and His goodness. One person, one situation after the other, I prayed. Short truthful prayers. And when I was done lifting up people and situations to God, He showed me: I was loved always, constantly, unchangingly.

Boy did I feel zeal and passion and so much grace after seeing this! God loves me!

So here are my confessions for today:


I am led by the Holy Spirit.

God is the One leading me and guiding me.

It’s God’s work, and He makes the provision for it.

My job is to trust and believe and have faith in God.

I am free.

I have all the help I need.

I am empowered by God’s Spirit.

It is well with me.

I am a blessing and I am a life giver.

I am a forgiven woman.

I am a loved woman!

Praise God!


Isn’t it wonderful that God loves us always and gives us much grace?! I am so flying excited about it. God is beautiful and His love is amazing.

I hope this encourages you today and gets you the boost you need to face another God-created day.

Much love to you!

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