Closer Than A Sister_A True Story

May 24, 2019 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Life Hacks, Relationships, Short story, True Stories

They met in one of the most usual ways Christians meet – in a church. They were about the same age, similar body frame, height, and skin color.  Both were young in marriage. The connection was swift and undeniable. You could tell there was quite a spark.


The relationship started from the usual meet and greet in church and gradually developed to a quick chat every now and then. Sometimes, on their way to church, they’d coincidentally meet at the same bus stop and ride together. In a short time, they were talking about their marriages, how their hubbies loved them to bits, how committed they both were to their homes. The difference then was that Sophie had no kids while Pearl had a cute little baby boy.


Sophie doted on her new found friend’s son as if he were hers. She would buy toys and clothes for him whenever she went shopping. Her love was out of this world! Pearl was overwhelmed by this show of unadulterated love and she prayed to God to give her friend a child of her own.


They both came from different cultures, and spoke different mother tongues. Their oneness showed that there was indeed no difference in Christ. Neither slave nor free; neither Jew nor Greek; neither tongue nor speak.


They had this practice of penning down dates for an only girls’ time out. It didn’t matter how busy their schedules were or how cramped their lives might have felt. They took turns shopping at one another’s favourite shops. Sophie’s love was Next, and Pearl was a Marks and Spencer’s fan.


They would often wind down with a cup of hot chocolate in a Starbucks, chit chat about everything, and watch the traffic of people in a busy Sutton shopping mall. They’d talk about everything and anything. It was where burdens were shared, and godly advice was offered. And God knows they got stuck at times – there were situations without seeming solutions. The quick prayers together in those times let them cast their cares where it was fit.


I forgot to mention earlier that it was not long into their friendship that their husbands became friends as well. God had blessed Sophie and her hubby with a nice car. There was this bright cold winter morning at about 8am ish, Pearl’s husband got a call from Sophie’s husband that they would be highly honored and privileged if they could always give them a lift to church on Sundays. If you’ve lived in London, you would know that “every little counts”, and that commuting with trains and buses was not an easy thing especially with a few months old baby in a pram. Some buses might not be able to take more than one pram at a time. God help you that you were the second or third pram in waiting; you’d appreciate a car lift in any form!


Back to the early morning call from these super-duper friends, Pearl and hubby were ecstatic and amazed that people with such kind hearts still existed. Pearl already know that her friend was kind and all that, but this was over the top. The offer was not a one-off but happened continuously until the other young couple were able to afford a ride of their own. It was a sacrifice, but they did it anyway.


They started having movie nights, going out for lunch together, hanging out frequently at each other’s houses. Did I mention that they got to find out that they shared the same wedding anniversary?


Pearl never made Sophie feel uncomfortable about her childlessness, but she would earnestly make numerous prayers for her friend in her closet. When Pearl’s baby 2 arrived, it was a given that Sophie and her hubby would be the godparents, and what proud godparents they were! 😊


Sophie did get pregnant 🤰. You can only imagine the joy and happiness and the amount of shopping that went into that beautiful period for the expectant mother. And then, all hell broke loose and cut their joy off. She lost the baby a few months into the pregnancy. It was a hard and trying moment for the family. Pearl was there to lend a shoulder for her best friend to wail, sob and cry on. She would speak encouraging words to her and sometimes just be there.


The bouncy baby boy did come for Sophie, sooner than later! God is faithful. Another level of friendship and similarities, a new chapter of comparing notes on motherhood.


The good book said something about a friend that sticks closer than a brother… I think I found a friend that sticks closer than a sister.


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