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Your Seductive Power

One day, you wake up and you realize you have it: your new super power.

You speak, and they listen. You smile, and they nod their heads. You caress, and they can’t think anymore. You speak in that tone of voice, and they fight to do your biding. Now, you’re truly a daughter of Eve. Just give the fruit to him, and he’ll take a bite; he won’t even remember what God did not perhaps, possibly… exactly say. I bet you know what I’m talking about. Wink. Wink.

Here’s a list of women from the Bible who discovered their secret super power and used it how they pleased: Zeresh, Haman’s wife; Jezebel, Ahab’s wife; Mother Eve, Adam’s wife; Sarah, Abraham’s wife; Delilah, Samson’s girlfriend, and more.

If you recognize any name from this list, you may also know their stories. But I’ll give you a summary of each. Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well for them.

Zeresh, Haman’s wife massaged his frail ego constantly, telling him to make plans to ensure the destruction of an innocent man. Well, that backfired, and Haman died in his place along with Zeresh, by the way.

Jezebel. Her name is now used to describe “a wicked, shameless woman.” Jezebel led her husband, the king, to abandon God’s law and worship a wicked god, called Baal. She killed God’s prophets, and also got her husband a gift he’d wanted so badly, by getting an innocent man stoned to death. She died. And dogs ate her body, real quick.

Eve gave Adam the “apple”, and we’re all here today, living a fallen existence. Thanks but no thanks mother Eve.

Sarah convinced her husband to sleep with her maid. It seemed God was taking too long in delivering His promise of a child. Then she gets upset at the whole thing. Thirteen years later, she has the son of that union kicked out.

And last but not the least, Delilah. She tricked her boyfriend Samson into losing his power and becoming a prisoner of his worst enemies. And she did it for a bucket load of silver. Samson also lost his eyes in the process.

There you have it.

I believe God gave women power. It’s a good thing. We should embrace it as a gift, but a gift that comes with responsibility. In our world today, we are made to think that seeking and having power over others for our own benefit is a smart thing. But nay, it is not. It’s a selfish thing, and it’s a dangerous thing.

God gave you the power to build up, to encourage, to give wise counsel, and to lead from whatever position you find yourself. In a marriage, in a business setting, in government, in your home, at your school, wherever. You have the power to change things for the better. You have the power to be the voice of reason where egos clash. Kings can seek you out for the counsel that God has given you. Take for example, my new favorite girl, Hulda the Prophetess. King Josiah sought her out when he needed to know what to do about the book of the law that had just been rediscovered, and she had words straight from God both as caution and as encouragement to the king.

The power you have is not a power to be overestimated either. You’re just a vessel and nothing more than a vessel of God’s power, and love, and good gifts. Anything else is from the devil. Yes I said devil. Don’t embrace your inner anything, but embrace God and humbly embrace His calling and purpose in and through you.
When you realize the truth about who God is, and the power He has given you, you’ll also realize that you’re not what Eve wanted to be. You’re not God, and you don’t have all control, as much as you’d love to. As much as I’d love to.

But it’s tempting. It’ tempting to use your power to have your way; to use your words, and to use our body to, as they say, “get what you want”. You know all the right buttons to push and you know the weaknesses to exploit. It’s not a safe place to be. You risk falling when you try to push someone else off a cliff. Don’t fall for the lies for they are many, and very convincing, because the truth is harder to swallow than having your own way.

I believe in you, and most importantly, God believes in you. He is a loving Father that gives good gifts to His children, and He has given you many good gifts. Don’t let anyone sell you short-by overselling or underselling.

I pray for you that you’ll choose to submit to God and trust Him with your heart desires, rather than try to make your own way. And I pray that you’ll use your God given gifts to build up and to make whole, but not to bring down. May the Lord keep all that you’ve entrusted to Him. In Jesus Name.

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Not a Wall But a Fence

Walls. We have them. We experience them.

Walls exist to protect. They are built to fortify against enemies, known and unknown. They’ve protected nations, and they’ve protected facilities. And then, they’ve protected us…

From hurt. We think.

You know the phrase, “once bitten, twice shy?” I often think about it as “many times bitten, a thousand times shy.” It seems to represent my experience better. That is, the fact that we get hurt over and over and then we don’t want to anymore.

So we build walls. To protect us from hurt.

I like to see the good in people. I like to see the potential, and the possibilities. I like this trait of mine; I think it’s a good thing. But sometimes, I haven’t known when to see things as they are, and people as they are. I believe there’s a time and situation for both, and wisdom is in knowing when.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.” (Romans 12:9 NKJV) I believe this verse is saying love is not blind. In love, you can ‘abhor’ what is evil, and yet cling to what is good. Love doesn’t say that what is bad is actually good. Love is honest. And again as the Bible says, we can “speak the truth in love.” (Ephesians 4:15)

There’s a time to see the good in people, and love them as God loves us. There’s also the time to acknowledge that someone is in the wrong, and still love them. Acknowledging the truth can give way to forgiveness and healing. Holding on to a sliver of hope, and trying to make that hope reality, can set us up for a lot of hurt. “Your love must be real. Hate what is evil, and hold on to what is good.” (Romans 12:9 NCV) Again, don’t hold on to wishful thinking about a situation or person, but acknowledge when something is wrong.

We build walls because we are afraid. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18) Love casts out fear, which removes our need to build walls. It gives us courage to “hate what is evil” but “cling to what is good”.

Walls are great for facilities but not for our hearts. We can build picket fences around our hearts rather than walls. They’re cuter, and they don’t shut you away from people.  We need boundaries around our hearts because our hearts are precious, but if we build walls, we get stuck inside ourselves. We get stuck in fear and we can’t go anywhere.

If there are people that have hurt us, we can abhor the wrong and yet cling to what is good. We can love them because love sets us free from fear. Love sets us free from fear, and the need to build walls.

This post is not about setting boundaries-we can really get into that in another post; this post is about choosing love and freedom over walls and fear. And I hope it encourages you and challenges you to choose a different perspective in dealing with your hurts. You’re not alone. 🙂

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The Hurt

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love.” (Romans 5:3-5)

I realize that I need the hurt to teach me what love is. The hurt does something to my character because I choose in Christ to be helpless- to be unable to do anything about the hurt. Like Jesus Christ said “I choose to lay down my life. No one takes it from me.” (John 10:18 paraphrase)

The hurt makes me able to feel- to bear a burden on behalf of another person when I take their wrongdoing towards me upon myself. 

Without this hurt in this age- this imperfect age- there can be no true love. Love hurts because people hurt.

I accept. 

Thank You LORD.




Patient endurance 









The Cross…

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On Love And Community

For a while now, I’ve been dreading hearing about how important community is. I’ve ignored videos and short Devotionals that mention its importance in the life of a believer.

Whenever I’d hear anything about community, I would think to myself, “I know that already!” I didn’t want to hear about it because what’s the point of knowing it if you can’t have it? Would you see a hungry person and tell him or her, “Food is important”? He or she already knows. And that’s just how I felt.

I’ve felt both the need and the lack of community and I had just about given up on the idea that I would experience it the way I dreamed it, when God brought me in contact with the people of City Life Church (North Hollywood). I experienced warmth from the door to the church, and from the church to the gate. My dream of meeting a group of believers with such love and understanding was finally real. The life group I joined the next day was even more beautiful. I’m grateful for all the wonderful people at City Life Church! I love you guys, and I hope you see this some time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that God’s word is true. If He promises something, even when it seems like it’s not coming, He keeps to His word. He says “I love you, and I gave you my Son. What could I ever keep from you?” (Romans 8:32 paraphrased) If He promises to provide all we need, including a community of loving believers, then He will. He loves us too much to leave us in the dark. Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, The Lord is still our Shepherd.

My point of writing this isn’t particularly about community, but about God’s love. It’s constant. It encompasses everything! I’m so encouraged to trust Him more for things that I had given up on, and I hope you are as well. And if community is what you need, trust. Wait. Be joyful while you’re waiting. Love while you’re waiting. I know it’s not easy but that’s why I’m sharing this. I hope you’re encouraged just as I have been.

Thank You Lord for Your church! Thank You for Your love; I love You too! 😀