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About Giving Up And Dreams And Freedom

How are you doing today? I’d like to share a few things with you that I’m discovering. Do you feel like throwing in the towel right now? Let’s make sure you’re “throwing in” the right thing.

I hate the feeling of being stuck; it’s so overwhelming. Sometimes I get what feels like a panic attack when I feel stuck. It’s like you’re in a room without windows or doors, with no means of escape. Claustrophobia, anyone? When I feel stuck in my life, I usually also feel like giving up, because what else could I do?

Some days I lay my dreams on a proverbial table, and examine them. On the bad days, they look crumpled up, and dead. And I think to myself, “Why am I here?” Then I’m faced with a number of choices, the most prominent being to dump those deadbeat dreams into a bin and shut the lid. On those days, I feel so small. And then I wonder if I heard God wrong somehow. Maybe my part in this story of life is so minuscule, I shouldn’t bother with anything. Did God choose me? Could He have?

I’ve found myself rethinking my ideas about what life is. Push, push, push doesn’t always work. Sometimes you need to realize that the sign on the door reads, “Pull”. And what does that have to do with anything? Let me elaborate.

I used to make so many plans for my life: what I was going to do and who I was going to do it with. Then I learned to submit my plans, ideas, and dreams to God, and trust in His ultimate plan. Some things changed about me. I started giving more of myself to others for no other agenda but the agenda of God’s kingdom – the expression of His love, wisdom, and power to bring about righteousness, peace, and joy. I cared even more, and I was humbled. I was humbled because I saw myself under the light of God’s NESS: as self seeking, and sinful. And at the same time, God’s love worked tremendously in me to make me into His image.

Push, push, push says a lot about us, and what’s behind our actions. Trusting God is this necessary, amazing, and aggravating thing. And when we trust, we don’t always have to push.

Why are we doing what we’re doing? Why this dream, this way? Who are we serving? Is this what God wants? Would it really cost to let go? What would it cost?

And in trying to answer these questions, new ones arise. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the point of all this?

And then we cannot but trace these all the way back to God. God, what do you want from me? Everything?

I should give You everything: all my heart, and soul, and strength. And in doing so, be like You in this world, because I love. Just like You do. Why would I ever want to give up on this?

When I feel truly stuck, I realize that my focus is on the wrong things. This is not to say that focusing on the right things eliminates roadblocks from our paths. But that when our hearts and minds are in the right place, we are free, with no walls to trap us in, because we know whose we are, and who we are, and why we’re here.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” (1John 4:18)

We are it. We’re exactly who we need to be to become who we need to be, to do what we need to do, because God is able to place His great treasures in us, the earthen vessels. He wants to do so much in us and through us. So much! And much is determined by kingdom things, not the things of this world, which is passing away. Do you feel like giving up? Don’t give up on the right things. And maybe give up on the things that count for little in light of eternity – things that are fighting you for everything you have, but should not give.

Let your dreams be His dreams and let Him show you how beautiful life could be when His thoughts become your thoughts, and His desires, your desires. Let Him open your eyes to the things that count and you’ll never want to look back again. If only we could see clearly the things that count- the things that make for a life well lived. Dear God, could we really be that free?!

God is the one writing this story. It’s a story of mercy, compassion, great love, and power, and we could, each of us, play a part in this recreation. We are not less, but more when we are less. I’m discovering this truth only more clearly. It smells like freedom. So close, I could touch it. So close, we could have it.

What thoughts and plans of yours are preventing you from living an abundant life in Christ? Would you lay down your fears for a real adventure in God? Could you let go of yours in exchange for His?


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What if I Did it Anyway?

What if I did it anyway? What if I picked up my device and typed away? Would it be so bad if it wasn’t perfect? What if I say the wrong things?

I could go on and on about my multiple list of excuses for not blogging often. Well…you know what? I’ll give one more excuse and stop: What if people don’t read my posts? There that’s the last excuse I’ll make. So I’m done making it.

I really want my life to be relevant. I’m not much of a talker; in fact, I believe if I talk too much, I’ll probably say irrelevant or unhelpful things – maybe even hurtful. I think of blogging as talking. So you can see why I do it as scarcely as I do.
I’m thinking, maybe just maybe I need to “talk” a little more. There are probably people who are thinking some of the things I’m thinking or working out in my head. People who need to hear someone else say it or someone who’s perhaps worked it out in their lives. And maybe that someone could be me. You see how I’ve used the word “maybe” many times in this post? My insecurities are screaming.

I guess the real reason I don’t blog often is my insecurities. The fear that I don’t have much to say, and the fear that nobody would be listening. That’s going to change.

Honestly, nothing feels particularly special to me about the middle of the month of March. I guess that’s the perfect opportunity to change. Because I’m forced to change even when I don’t feel like it. Even when there’s nothing propelling me like a brand new beginning of a brand new month or year.

So I’m writing today about insecurity and I’m writing about writing. They go hand in hand – many writers can relate (I believe 😊).

Here’s my decision: I’m going to write more often on faith. About faith, yes, but on faith. In faith? I’m going to write even when I doubt myself. I’m going to encourage you and encourage me. It’s the ‘write’ thing to do. 😉

Hey! Any souls out there? Come on over and join me here as I make this journey into God’s heart. It’s a beautiful, simple and hard road. It will test us, and it will make us. It will make us beautiful.

See you soon 😊. Soon because I’ll be writing.
Cheer up!

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An Invitation to Fear

I wrote that heading to get your attention; I would much prefer to title this post, “An Invitation to Trust.”


We are constantly being spoken at, being pushed and pulled from all sides. Life with it’s devilish gifts makes us offers of multiple dimensions, hard to ignore. Loudest above all the noise of the throng is the invitation to fear, often written in the elaborate ink of fact, and possible fact.

Fears of many sizes: big fears, small fears, medium sized fears. 

Are they valid? Absolutely. Are they fact. Yes indeed. People die for no good reason. Lives are wasted everyday. I’m forced to believe in the futility of life. But…

But what is my hope? What did God say about me, and what does He still say?

“All the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 1:20

“And I will be with you always to the close of age.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:20)

I’m constantly tempted to fear. And who am I in the face of the tsunami of life, hitting again and again everything that I am and have, and everything I care about?

I am the Beloved of God, surrounded by the surest promises. Kept by the Lord. Shielded by His Spirit. Given every resource of heaven to make me victorious. “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” -Psalm 27:1

“[I] will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at [my] side, ten thousand at [my] right hand, but it will not come near [me].”‭‭ -Psalm‬ ‭91:5-7‬ ‭

And then I hear the voice of God sending out to me an invitation to trust. To believe in Him who made all things and in whom all things consist. The One that says “I am the Lord, is there anything too hard for me?” The God that calls me His own. The One who sent to die in my place, His only begotten Son. The One who loves me and gave Himself for me. 

He has made promises. We are not alone. Fear not. Fear NOT; words He says to us in His word so many times. And He still says now.

Jesus said, “Have faith in God.”- (Mark 11:22) Put your confidence in Him. Steadfastly trust in Him. Hold on to Him. Let go to Him. Ask Him and don’t give up asking. Seek Him. Hold on to His promises. Hold on to His word. Don’t let go.

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A Little Hope

I wrote the following sometime in 2014. I found it when I was looking through some of my notes and thought to share. 😊

25 SeptemberI am grateful for the start of a new day. The day is so full of promises and I feel the richness of the events that would unfold from now on. God is with me. He cares for me. He will never leave me.

I smell the quiet air and feel the coolness of the weather. I feel as the clouds feel when they are full. Rain is coming. 

Pick up your pen, wear those running shoes, knock on that door. Its only a matter of time before your actions bear fruit. We have a clean slate, a clear ground, an open hour. We can do this. 

I’ve come a long way to this very day. I’ve stumbled, and fallen on my face; God has picked me up and dusted me again and again. I hope my trickling words stirs something up in you. I hope you’ll choose to hear the quiet even in the noise. I hope you’ll look at the end of the path, lift up your head and smile, knowing that that’s where you’ll be…someday. 

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” -Jeremiah 29:11

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Like Fresh Air

I’ve recently reached a milestone in my life. Its probably the reason I’ve been moved to break my blogging silence. 😊

I am truly happy and encouraged that God was with me through my struggles and brought me out of them. I’ve learned so many lessons in the process, but one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that I have to trust in God no matter what, and I have to depend on His strength. 

Even when things seem uncertain, God is able to deliver us from every kind of trouble. That’s about the most important lesson I’ve learned. 

I’ve learned other lessons as well. I’ve learned that God loves human relationships-He created them. And because He designed them, He also designed the rules of engagement. For every kind of human relationship to work, there must be boundaries. We must know those boundaries and function within them for our own good and the good of others. And if we ever find ourselves breaching the boundaries and giving birth to Ishmael, we must learn to say goodye to Ishmael, pray for our Ishmael, but wash our hands off concern for the child. This is because as God said to Abraham, Ishmael cannot share in the inheritance of Isaac. It may have seemed cruel that Abraham had to send away his own son, but it was expedient to do so. 

I’m learning not be afraid to say no, and not to ask for permission to do so. I’m learning to trust in God’s principles and in His design even when they seem contrary to my feelings. Above every person, living or dead, God is our greatest lover and biggest supporter. So let’s trust in His love and darn every human device in the name of love (which God is by the way. God is love). 

I’m so blessed and encouraged to be out in the luscious green plains. Freedom smells like fresh air! Thank you God!

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Beloved, and Loving the Wind of Change!

I’ve been navigating some difficult things this period of my life; the silence, the confusion…did I say the silence?

It seemed like on the things that mattered to me, God was silent. It seemed like God was unfair for allowing me to experience the pain I did. I struggled some and triumphed some, but I still wondered if God was with me. I knew it but I could not feel it.

Today, God opened my eyes to the thorn in my side. I said to my Father, now, in my mind, I am free, but I do not feel free. I asked Him to MAKE me free. He showed me something WAY bigger than I could ever have anticipated. He freed me from the bondage of ignorance. He blew on me a wind of change.

God made me realize that He is love, and as large as He is, He wants to pour every drop of Himself into me! So I saw through His eyes, how precious I was (am) to Him, and I began to thirst for every drop. I have become convinced – FULLY convinced – that God wants to give it ALL to me!! To Him, I am worth every drop of His amazing love. I am precious in His sight. All His love is for me to desire and receive and experience. I am the Beloved of God!

Today, I cried out to my Father, “You are just! And Your judgements are fair O God!” God is indeed just and merciful for allowing me to go through the darkness and pain. I could not see it when I was in it, but when I came out of it, I saw that it was by the mercies and love of God that He took me through the valley of darkness. I praise You God, for You are merciful; all Your ways are true!

Now, I can begin again, in full assurance of God’s love because He patiently took me through this place from which I have come. I am eternally grateful. I would have given much to know what I know today. Dear fellow sojourners, if you see me, you will see a thirsty soul, thirsty for the love of God. You will see an insatiable soul, because I will never say enough! Oh God! Your love is better than life and I want EVERY drop!


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Thank You Heavenly Father for showing me what was in my heart and teaching me the right way to go.

I have often thought purpose as a list of specific tasks that I have to check off.

If, I thought to myself, ‘”This” is what I’m supposed to to do,” then I would just go ahead and do it with the satisfaction that I have accomplished a task. But Love does not work that way.

Love does not have a set schedule or a job description. Love does not have a one-size-fits-all answer for every problem. Love does not premeditate its responses the same way a doctor prescribes medication for a specific illness.

Love gets right into the mess, and patiently holds the hands of its neighbor, knowing that each person is unique and each mess is without a measure.

Love does what needs to be done. Love listens. Love does not need a uniform because its role is diverse. Love is humble. Love hopes. Love is patient; love waits.

Father, I’m sorry for trying to live the easy way. I wouldn’t believe that You loved me if You didn’t come right into my mess – our mess. Lord Jesus, every time I think of what You did, I KNOW that You did it for ME. I wasn’t merely a face in the crowd. I know that because You came right into my mess, with all its difficult and unique parts.

“Where can I escape from Your love? Even if I lay my bed in hell, You are there!” (Psalm 139: 7,8)

Thank You LORD!

Love is Purpose. 


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Restless Spirit

For the most part of my life, I have been defined by my dreams and ambitions. GREAT ones at that. The more impossible, the better. Every year was lived for the year or years ahead. The past was a great resource and the future was my passion. But the present? Hmph. Dread. 

Actually stopping and living in today? Actually not trying to make tomorrow fit into my lofty ideas? That’s scary. How does a person do that? 

One day, I realized that I was in Tomorrow. Tomorrow was today. Big revelation. What have I accomplished with my life? 

Today, I penned down my most significant experiences. I didn’t go into much detail, but I penned them down nonetheless. They didn’t consist in any of my supposed successes. They had more to do with the people I had blessed in some way and those who had blessed me. With a smile. With words. With their lives. Specific points in my life that have affected me. They were about people. They were about the love and patience of God. 

I’m restless as I usually am and  the source of my restlessness is fear. Fear that I would be wasting God’s precious gifts-especially the gift of time. I imagine that greatness is about businesses and legacies and some great deed that makes the world pay attention and applaud. I realize that I am wrong. To be greatest in the kingdom is to be least said Jesus. 

But what if I miss these opportunities? What if my life doesn’t make a dent? What if I live out my life like every normal person? Fears. Perfect love casts out all fear the Bible says. I could never be normal if I choose love. Loving isn’t normal. Loving is hard some times. Often. A lot?

God, I really want to understand this. Please Lord, help me be transformed by the truth. Thank You LORD.  




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The Pause.

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I just wanted to say hello. 😊 This isn’t going to be my usual blog post. I’m writing more for myself these days than for a wider audience. It’s important to me to take out this time, because I’m going through a lot of changes and processes that require my full attention. 

In the mean time, I hope that you also aren’t doing anything or taking any steps BECAUSE you are afraid. Patience will be our best asset and our most important virtue through the tough times presently or ahead. 

I’m not exactly where I want to be, but God knows that I am on the way. I will pause. I will breathe. I will smile, and I will hope and lift up my hands in surrender and expectation of the precious revelation of God, our Father. I believe.

Please join me in this time. Let us offer prayers for one another. May the LORD bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. AND May you know how high and deep and wide and long is the love of God in Christ Jesus. May you know this unfailing persistent love that surpasses understanding so that you will be filled with all the fullness of God. Amen. (Ephesians 3:18,19 paraphrased)

Have an awesome week. We’re in this together and He will never abandon us!


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Lessons On Purpose

It turns out that this following God thing is the only way.

There’s no special calling or purpose apart from Him. How we do the things that please God is to walk with Him. He created us for relationship and now we can communicate freely. He can speak to us and we can listen. We can speak to Him and He will listen.

There’s no doing good apart from Him. There’s no accomplishing anything without Him. The Lord Jesus said: “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” It couldn’t be clearer than that. ONLY ONE THING IS NEEDFUL, Jesus said. I choose that good part. Amazing. 😊

Thank you LORD!