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True Stories

Daddy Issues_A True Story

We finally reached the canteen and sat on two plastic seats outside. We were not about to go into the cramped, hot, noisy place with voices running into each other along with bodies of hungry people trying to pass the haphazardly strewn tables and chairs. It was a...

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Living Intentionally: A Reflection

Growing up as a child was pretty much nice for me. I never needed attention (or maybe I did not think I needed it at the time). I was quite shy and reserved and quiet (this was not intentional anyway!) I went to a good school and was quite intelligent. However, I...

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It Happened To Me_A True Story

I had already known at a young age, that my parents were very religious and principled. It was as though “certain” things weren’t supposed to happen to you when you named the name of the Lord so it was hard to comprehend when I found myself in “certain” situations. My...

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Emerging from the Ashes_A True Story

The sound of her voice stayed with you; cheery, velvety and confident. But maybe it wasn’t just about the voice, but more about the content of what she said. She had a wise word for the confused, an encouragement for the discouraged, and a tear of sympathy for the...

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Three Seasons Too Long_A True Story

The three-year relationship was very eventful and full of drama. I was totally in love with him. He was nice and fun to be with, humorous, generous and kind; he could spring up surprises with gifts, dinner and lunch dates. I could go on. With all of this was an...

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