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True Stories

The R Word Happened to Me_A True Story

I was barely seven when it happened, way too young to have known the things I experienced that day. My parents were out for a day as I recall. One day. A few hours. Long enough to change a child’s existence. There was a man in our compound who always seemed to be...

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My Faith Story_Chronicles of A Hollywood Actress

God has always been a constant in my life whether I recognized it or not, I grew up as an African in the Middle East so I was branded “different”. Sometimes, my difference was pointed out through the fingers of racism. Other times, I was different because I was...

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She Was A Gift_A True Story

There are a few people whose lives make such tremendous impact on us that they become a part of our story. I speak of tremendously good impact. One of such people was Auntie Ngozi. We weren’t related, not even from the same state. And she was quite older than I was....

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Confessions of A Rascal_A True Story

I have a confession to make. I was secretly a rascal in my childhood years.  I once formed a gang of girls that beat up guys after school. It was mostly one particular dude that got into trouble since he was usually the instigator (I still had boundaries). I knocked...

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Closer Than A Sister_A True Story

They met in one of the most usual ways Christians meet - in a church. They were about the same age, similar body frame, height, and skin color.  Both were young in marriage. The connection was swift and undeniable. You could tell there was quite a spark.   The...

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Insecure_A True Story

I like to say I grew up in a very good home, but growing up, hearing and reading about the childhood of a lot of people, made me realize that I grew up in an amazing home. Definitely greater than good and I have God to thank for that really. Amazing and understanding...

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