Anxiety Is A Witch

Apr 16, 2019 | Everyday Life Hacks, Exhortation, Inspiration

Anxiety is a Witch

Yes, she works tirelessly behind the scenes to accomplish an evil purpose. She works with secret tools and leads you to do things like sabotage yourself. Anxiety is a witch.

I’ve gone through seasons of anxiety, constant panic, a state of restlessness, fear, and dissatisfaction. Anxiety would leave you with a constant buzz in your head and an intense pull to escape by any means. And by what means would you choose to escape? Usually mindless nonsense – anything to escape those nagging thoughts. I remember that in those times, I would attempt to list my achievements in order to encourage myself to give me a break. It never really worked. I needed God’s help fast.

When I got to the point it was becoming unbearable for me, I had to do some soul searching in prayer, and I had to seek God’s help and truth about my anxiety. Here are a few important things I discovered:

We have to be willing to believe in the sovereignty of God, and we have to trust in His goodness. My inability to relinquish complete control to God was causing me to crack under the weight I was not designed to carry. God was in charge, not I.

Do you really believe that God is all knowing? Do you believe He is involved in every aspect of life? He created the magnificent things, and He created the little, seemingly inconsequential things. The Bible says that God knows when a hair on our head falls. And He counts our tears. That’s how much He’s involved. He’s in control.

Trust. This one is hard. I think it would always be something we have to struggle with at different stages or in different seasons of our lives. God is good. If I ask for His help, I can trust that He would help me. He promises to be a way better father than the best father on earth to us, and that’s an understatement. Hard to believe? Sometimes. Remember that this earth is a place of obstacles, and hardship. One day, we wouldn’t have an enemy to conquer again. For now, we just have to trust through the good times and the hard times.

God’s will. There is such a thing. God has a will and purpose that He desires to be accomplished. When we give ourselves, our desires, our dreams, visions, passions, over to Him, He can lead us in the path that we should go. We can trust God’s will, as has been revealed to us, over our own amazing ideas. No idea could ever be better than God’s idea.

Intuitive, imaginative dreamers might have a hard time letting go of a perceived reality or future for something else that seems less than. We think we know how good it’s going to be and we cannot trade it for picture God seems to be painting. “God, I think I can handle it from here. Thank you very much.”

There is hope for deliverance. It didn’t happen all at once, but it happened for me. I had to keep letting go and trusting, and taking each step on the water knowing that Jesus was going to be there to catch me if I fell.

He tells us “Do not worry about your life…” (Matthew 6:25)

Anxiety is a witch. To break the spell, we must learn who God is, and that He is good, He is in control, and He is more than able to do what He promises. We can trust that. We can bank on it. We can go to sleep. And at the end of time, when all is done, it is God we will stand before, and He’s going to demand an account from us. Wouldn’t you rather follow His way? He’s got the whole thing “rigged” in His favor. There’s no better way than God’s way, and that comes with a lot of letting go.

There is peace for every anxious soul, and that peace can only be found in fully trusting our lives to God. Does this make you feel anxious? 🙂

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