Addiction and Truth

Aug 13, 2019 | Exhortation, Inspiration, Life Hacks

Sometimes the truth does not make sense but the truth can make us embrace it.

Usually when the word ‘addiction’ is mentioned, what comes to mind is alcohol, cigarettes and drugs generally. And often times when issues centred on addictions are discussed, we are quick to celebrate ourselves. After all we are not addicted to anything, right?

But addiction is beyond people using their last cards on marijuana or drinking to a stupor every night. It’s more than that. It is possible to be addicted to a lot of other things including food, places and even people, which is my emphasis.

Sometime last year I became friends with this beautiful lady. It was obviously toxic but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed the friendship and the fun of it. It was something I felt I couldn’t do without. I knew the lady in question had a lot of problems. I did try to solve virtually all of them, and I became co-dependent. If she was happy, I was happy, if she wasn’t I wasn’t too. I tried to shield myself but I kept failing. It took a lot of my peace, time and resources.

I know most times we allow this in the name of helping the hurting, but what do we do when it is at our expense? I certainly know love but as Sam Oye would say ‘love people enough to let them go’. 

I knew God wanted me to let it go, but I fought it tooth and nail. I wasn’t even going to think about it. Wasn’t she God’s child too? Would God want us to walk away from people?

I knew the truth but I ran away from it. I avoided anything concerning this, from messages to write-ups, to voices of people I respected, whatever it was. The more ran, the more the truth pursued me.

I finally surrendered and now I understand why that was necessary.  My only regret is not doing this sooner.

The conclusion of this is that everyone who faces some form of addiction is definitely running away from a ‘Truth’. 

Smokers intentionally run away from the truth, ‘smokers are liable to die young’ that is written on the cigarette pack.

Addictions may arise from various situation but as the bible says ‘…the truth shall set you free’ the only solution is to come to terms with the truth, which is the first step to healing. You really cannot stop an addiction if you do not know WHY you need to. The WHY is the TRUTH.

Embrace truth, enjoy life and peace!!!

My name is Adoo Atera- I’m from Benue state, Nigeria. I am currently a student of  International Relations (yeah, we all want to be  global 😊) in the University of Mkar, Mkar. My greatest dream is to see girls restored and to see them shine. I blog about this on my site, Purple Light. I am a poet, writer, and bead maker (I love anything creative)

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