Accepted in the Beloved: Living for the Glory of God

Oct 1, 2019 | Bible Studies, Exhortation, Inspiration, Prayers

Our lives are an offering to God; our bodies are living sacrifices. We live for God’s glory. God is glorified in every aspect of life. How we choose to live each day can be worship when we choose to live for the glory of God, so that whether we eat or drink or choose not to eat or drink, we do so unto the LORD.

I believe that knowing that we offer our very selves – the whole of our lives as our worship makes us free. This is because we are accepted in the Beloved. We don’t have to work or earn our way up. We rejoice in the LORD. We praise the LORD. We rest in the LORD. We live and work and we can just “be”. This is the freedom we have in Christ. It’s a freedom we must use for good, as we are finally free to obey Him. Knowing that we did nothing to earn God’s love, and yet that we are loved by Him makes us free in Christ to live in the way that pleases Him. We are no longer slaves to our flesh or to sin.

God calls us His children in Christ, and He preserves us as His own. We can look at our lives and see God’s very hand in everything: in the highs and lows, in the silence, in comfort and discomfort, in having or not having. God is all and in all.

In Christ, we are accepted, loved, chosen, and sanctified. Our worship through Jesus Christ is acceptable and good to God. We don’t have to have all knowledge or fathom every mystery. We don’t have to be anything else but who God is making us. We are a work in progress, and we are being sanctified.

Heavenly Father, in Your mercy and by Your power, please, bring out the good You have planned. I am nothing; You are everything. Let Your name forever be praised. Use me for Your glory. I want to be completely satisfied in You. I want to be at rest. Thank You for giving me freedom from the desire to please others, freedom from worry and anxiety. I trust You. I love You. Thank You Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit. I am loved by God and accepted. Amen.

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