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Hey there! I’m Mema Daisy

Hey There!

I’m Mema Daisy, and I’m so glad you stopped by because that means you want to know a little bit more about me.

I’m a writer, mentor for girls, girl enthusiast and filmmaker. I’m also pretty much an introvert, lover of nature, and adventurer. The most spectacular thing about me is that I’m a daughter of the Most High God, and I am saved purely by the sacrifice and love of Christ Jesus. This is where my real adventure began.

I started UpLift Girl after transitioning from my previous platform, Hope’s Diaries, which I started in 2014. When I felt it was time to make UpLift Girl what it is, I made the move in 2017. Yay!

I’m passionate about girls in particular, and women of all ages, finding one’s purpose according to God’s design, mentoring, creativity, and connectivity. I teach Sunday school and have volunteered as a teacher for many years. I also mentor preteen and teenage girls on a personal level, and as a volunteer at an N.G.O.

I absolutely love storytelling (creating and consuming). I went on to pursue this passion by learning writing and directing for the screen through a Film and Media Production Master’s degree program from the New York Film Academy.  I hope you’ll stick around and follow me on my creative journey as expressed here on UpLift Girl and in my other ventures.

I’m quirky and unconventional, and I’d love to meet you. Feel free to reach out, and I hope you’ll be a part of our ever growing community!

Much Love,

Mema Daisy

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