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…a girl’s community for navigating the journey of life and faith

About UpLift Girl

Hey There Awesome Lady!


You’re welcome to the Uplift Girl community!

Uplift Girl is a storytelling platform for young women, as well as a collection of resources for spiritual, mental, and relational development, media programming, and faith based mentoring and creative programs for preteens, teens and young adult women.

UpLift Girl seeks to encourage young women into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, pulling them to the cross of Jesus Christ and the beauty of God.

We seek to help build women up into women of faith and character, purpose in the kingdom and fruitfulness in accordance with God’s design for their lives.

The values we hold dear to our hearts are:                      

  • Kingdom-minded Faith
  • Mentoring & Discipleship
  • Storytelling and Creativity
  • Community & Connectivity

What you’ll find here is a collection of stories about everything ranging from random weird encounters to romance, friendships, and faith.

We hope you’ll feel welcome, free, and safe!



Hey there!

I’m Mema Daisy. I’m a Writer, Mentor for Girls, Filmmaker, Girl Enthusiast, and the Founder of UpLift Girl.

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