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Remember, LORD

Sometimes we struggle to believe God is listening to us. We beg and beg and yet… And then we think, “I thought You loved me? Why is this happening to me?” And then we feel betrayed by God.

I’ve felt this way many times in my life. Why would God let this happen? For some of us who know that God is who He says He is, for those of us to whom God is too real to deny, we find ourselves wondering if He’s really good -if He’s not somehow a sinister being who takes pleasure in messing with our minds.

The Bible says concerning King Hezekiah, that

“Hezekiah trusted in the LORD, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him.” -2 Kings 18:5

That’s serious. No one like him before or after him?

There are two events in the life of Hezekiah the king that give us insight into Hezekiah’s relationship with God. The one I’d like to talk about is the event of his illness.

Hezekiah is so ill, he’s going to die. And to make sure he gets the memo, God sends His prophet, Isaiah (amazing man by the way), to tell Hezekiah that he will die from his illness –there’s no chance of his recovery.

As soon as the prophet leaves, Hezekiah turns to the wall and asks God to remember. I’m your faithful servant Lord. Remember me. And Hezekiah, as the Bible records, weeps bitterly.

Prophet Isaiah is still on his way out when God sends him back to Hezekiah to give him the good news. You’re going to recover now, and not only that, I’m going to add fifteen more years to your life.

Hezekiah was overwhelmed with great sorrow. His life was going to be over. And what does he do? He asks God to change his mind. He doesn’t say, “Why me, God?” or “What have I done to deserve this? I’m a good person.” He doesn’t simply weep bitterly either. What Hezekiah does is so audacious, that even God is moved – so moved He can’t wait to change Hezekiah’s story, and bless him even more. Hezekiah makes a bold request –even though he doesn’t specifically tell God how long he wants to live. He knows that God is righteous and just, but he also knows that God is good.

I think there’s no doubt in Hezekiah’s mind that God is the person in charge, and that God has the power to change his circumstances. This does not make him resentful towards God like many of us (myself included) would be under the same circumstances. It actually makes him bold. Hezekiah prays straight from his heart, with all the passion on his inside. He prays and he weeps.

“REMEMBER LORD…” -2 Kings 20:3

For us now, present beneficiaries of Christ’s salvation, we can also call on God to remember. We can ask God to remember His promises to us in Jesus Christ (and there are many). We can bring before God, the very sacrifice of Christ-of Christ’s body and blood for our sakes. We can ask God to remember the things He said to us in His word concerning us: things like our health, and our minds and our lives.

Whether we are making a plea to God, or we are standing on our authority in Jesus Christ over our circumstances, we can always bring things to God’s remembrance. I don’t know all the reasons why it’s important to do this, but it’s a powerful principle: this bringing to God’s remembrance as opposed to shows of doubt and unbelief.

I do not say that this is easy, but I do say that in the walk of faith, we have no options but the option of faith. We must believe, and in our believing, stay.

8 thoughts on “Remember, LORD

  1. Isaiah 43:26
    [26]Put Me in remembrance [remind Me of your merits]; let us plead and argue together. Set forth your case, that you may be justified (proved right).

    Always put God in remembrance of His Word!

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  2. What a powerful observation of a principle that seems to run like a pattern through the old Testament – the Psalms especially: How that in prayer or petition, Gods remembrance is always called upon. He is called to remember His covenant, His promise, His own name, His faithfulness… more like “we are your people, I am your child, I bear your name. Remember what your name stands for, your name cannot be reproached by the heathens.. for your namesake O Lord…” Even Jesus prayed the same way before he called Lazarus to come forth. He is a jealous God, and will share His glory with no one. Thank you Mema, for reminding us this very powerful way to seek the face of God in times of pain or shame!

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