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set/put on a pedestal: to glorify; to idealize


In the past (and sometimes present), the pedestal was my favourite place to put certain people on. That is to say, I have a tendency to idealise people I admire or respect. But by the grace of God, really, I’ve changed a lot; at the same time, I have a ways to go.

The pedestal is an unfortunate place to be put on. What a burden for a person to bear, because no one can meet up with the standard of perfection. Some people do appear (and I say, appear) to come close, and we immediately act towards them by what we see. Or what we think we see.

What have I decided to do? To see people as they are: beautiful and flawed. I can recognize the goodness- the greatness even- in a person, and yet recognize that the person I admire or respect is human, and on this side of heaven, still a work in progress and subject to mistakes.

Is it possible that we idealise and idolise because somehow we are keenly aware of our own shortcomings to the point of wrestling with our insecurities? That somehow, “someone else can have all the qualities I don’t, and is better than I am”?

Maybe we don’t realise that this sort of tendency is a reflection of our own inner person’s recognition that we are living in a fallen world system, and that perhaps we are looking for a the perfection that we can feel innately that we ought to live up to.

Sisters, and brothers, this is what Jesus came to do for us. He came to restore us to the God who has no shadow of turning. In Him are all perfection and all restoration. I guess I’m allowed to put Jesus on a pedestal because He proved that He had the true victory over sin and death. Praise God for that!

Now I get to put other things on pedestals like a flower vase or something. Not people. Ha-ha.

Lots of love! 😀


6 thoughts on “Pedestal

  1. A very deep message written with such simplicity and entertaining at the same time. Thanks for sharing this Mema. Reminds us to not become too judgmental of people’s flaws/mistakes, and remember that we are alike. But for Grace we are “work in progress”. No scripture reveals this more to me than James. Thanks again for sharing Mema!

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    1. Absolutely! Yes, we really are all a work in progress and all of us need God’s grace. Maybe I should explore James’ perspective sometime. Thanks for stopping by! 😁


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