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Unspooky Friday the Thirteenth

It’s been a struggle trying to get something sensible on paper, so I’ll just go ahead and speak from my heart! 😀

I’m really glad to have this platform, and I’m really glad for you. I hope on a number of days our hearts connect, and you can be blessed in some way through this blog and this amazing community.

That being said, I’m seriously wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

For my friends struggling under the wight of the pressures at work and everywhere else, I just want to let you know that God sees and God knows. In the midst of your storm, He can be the calm. He is always constant and you can trust Him with your burden right where you are. He’s just a prayer away. For those who feel daunted by the word prayer, “God, please help me out here!” is a prayer too!

This is for my heart and yours; let’s trust God Almighty and do great things one baby step after another, and sooner or later we’ll look back and realize how far we’ve come.

So I wish you a not spooky, not crazy, but definitely fun Friday the Thirteenth and entire weekend!


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