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Living Life The Beautiful Way

Some times I feel things that push me to want my experience to change, but my experience doesn’t change simply because.

Every time I am tempted to want the things I can not have, I must stop and become aware of the things I do. Then I am grateful and my perspective is changed. I am enveloped with light, the love of God and peace!

I am destined to live life the beautiful way, and I am embracing all of it – all of my experiences, all of my blessings, all of my gifts, all of my hopes, all of my moments, all of my love, all of my heart, and ultimately, all of God.

Some good things in my life may feel major, that is, I would be tempted to give them a greater value than they are worth. The world’s system may support such over-valuing, so it may seem right or normal. But if I am to live this life more fully as Jesus provided for, I can not – absolutely not – think like that. I must think beyond it. I must constantly discover in each moment, the most important things, which are often the the hidden things, the negligible things, and the things that are small in our eyes. That’s the key phrase isn’t it: “In our eyes”?

The Lord Jesus said, “Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light.” (Matthew 6:22)

I want my eye to be good so that my whole body can be filled with light.

I’m choosing light today. I’m choosing a wholesome life full of love and the knowledge of the love of God. It’s a different path – uncommon – but that’s what I’m choosing. I’m resting and trusting and receiving each blessing moment by moment, frame by frame. 😀


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