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The Garden of Ikemefuna

The Garden of Ikemefuna


He looked at me with his cinnamon brown eyes

His skin aglow with the last lights of the day

He lifted a stray lash from my cheek

And I saw the blond hairs on his fingers up close

He chuckled

What was so funny about my face?

He watched me watch the garden

And when I touched the velvet leaves

I touched his work of art

As I had so many times

I breathed in the smells


And lavender

How on earth did he grow this?

Come over here he said

He picked up a hibiscus flower

White hibiscus

He let it caress my face

As he placed it in my hair

I chided myself

I needed to get my act together

But I was too happy to care

I was in Ikemefuna’s garden

And a fortnight from now

When we’ve said our vows

It would be mine.

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