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The Eye

I believe you are familiar with the eye as I am. It appears on the streets. At the office. On the bus or trains for some.

The eye tells us that something is off…with us.

Why did she get that role? She isn’t that pretty. Skirts don’t look good on everybody, darling. You can’t sign up for that course, it’s for losers.

They say it but we wont always hear it. We might see it in the eye. Like is she about to order the whole restaurant on that plate?

Some of us are more susceptible to the eye. We see the eye and our whole world goes black.

There are two sides to this coin. The victims and the victimizers, and I think we’ve been on both sides. True?

What then do we do with the eye of judgement? Is there hope that those daggers it throws can somehow miss us? I believe that there is.

Sometimes the worst eye is our own eye of judgement. As they say, we are our own worst critics. I absolutely will not downplay the impact of another person’s attitude on us, however I will say this: we don’t have to receive judgement.

There is a giving of judgement and a receiving of judgement. We have a say. We get to decide what we receive.

I really really dislike (understatement) the eye of judgement. People don’t even need to say something and I can put words to the unspoken communication. What a bother.

Let’s have conversations within ourselves informed by God’s view of us. God’s view of us is plain in His word: the Bible. He loves us. When He made us He saw that we were good. Good as in “Wow. Look at my work of art!”

When I read God’s word I feel the desperation in God’s heart to place us under His wings, to comfort us and to show us that we are loved. When we realize this and we remind ourselves of this, we become resistant to the eye. More than that, we can even extend grace to those who judge us. Yes. That’s possible with God.

On the other hand, let’s allow God’s word and His Spirit to transform us so we can look at others with the eyes of love rather than the eye of judgement. Judge not that you may not be judged.

We are seen and we are loved by God. That matters more than anything else anyone says about us.

3 thoughts on “The Eye

  1. This is so good. It’s so easy to give the eye to the next person but that is not what YAH wants us to do. He expects us to love even though there is no reason to. When we welcome people as they are Christ’s love has a chance to work in their lives. It’s something I have to work on more. And the other side of the coin is just as serious. It’s only knowing who we are in Christ that we can continue moving when the eye is on us. Without an understanding of who we are in Him the eye of another will always hinder us in some way.
    Great post!


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