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The Cherishing

The Cherishing

Every few months in a year, we would gather for the Cherishing. Men and women, boys and girls like me, dressed in the most radiant clothing in the world.

We would laugh and dance in the green world around us accented by bursts of color. Lovely fragrances everywhere!

From dawn to dusk, we would watch the colors of the day change in a magnificent show of creation.
My mother and father, my brothers and sisters and friends would be there. An elder would say a blessing over us, and another would read The Words to show us the way ahead.

In that moment there would be a holy hush as we all contemplate our existence and the power of the words to change our lives. And when it is all said, and we have allowed our hearts to be changed, the music would begin. There would be much singing and dancing and much food.

We were the children of the Cherishing, specially loved by our Creator who would often walk amongst us disguised as just about anybody!

I think I saw Him once in the eyes of a lonely grandmother, who welcomed my company with much joy. I was happy to dance with her even as she struggled humourously with her crutches.

We are loved and we are cherished and in our cherishing we cherish the One who cherished us.

And one day I know we would gather in His presence in the eons to come and we would see Him clearly in that place, face to face.


“I’m coming mama!”

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