I have a number of weddings to attend this year, starting with the upcoming Saturday.

I only just knew exactly what day Valentine’s Day is. Yes. A few days ago I was saying to myself, now I can tell what day Valentine’s day is using 1 Corinthians 13 because it talks about love. Only my sister made me realize I was wrong because it’s actually the 14th of February. Eesh. So what this tells you is that I’ve never really been a Valentine’s person.

So “love” is in the air right now, at least that’s what shops and businesses are telling us. What connection does this have with my ignorance where Valentine’s Day is concerned? Well I guess I’m just trying to say that I love ‘love’ and it has nothing to do with what’s hot right now.

I’ve been rooting for many of my friends to get married. I’m just that kind of romantic. I’ve also been not so secretly rooting for myself as well. God knows. Like Papa God, we both know what I’m about to ask right now. You’ve heard it a million times at least, but it’s okay for me to bring it up every now and then right? Right.

To be honest I’m not sure if love or romance is still in right now. Or if marriage is still something many people want anymore, but I’m of the school of thought that two good heads are better than one. One whole person however is better than two broken people trying to make a whole, and one whole person is better than one whole person and one half of a person trying to make a whole. What I’m saying is straight forward right? Because it almost sounds like an Igbo proverb from this perspective. Oh well.

My idea of marriage is hopefully God’s idea of marriage, if it isn’t I better get it right. Marriage is two whole people coming together to increase their individual capacities for God’s kingdom and His righteousness. What I hope this would look like for me is being the best of friends, lifting each other up when either is weak, inspiring one another to good and godly works, pursuing single-mindedly God’s purpose, preaching the gospel, using our lives, our homes, our everything for the sake of God’s kingdom and His purpose. Showing what real love looks like, and consequently, what God and a relationship with God looks like.

I’m rooting for all of you, and I’m also praying for some people that may never know me on earth that they would experience this blessing if it’s their heart’s desire. And for my friends with a ring on their finger (or who just put one on it), I’m so flying’ excited for you and I can’t wait to be at your weddings!

In the spirit of this season my next post would talk a little about the journey into this sort of relationship, and in it I’ll share some of my mistakes and the lessons I’ve learned.

Much love,



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