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Lead Me Lord: A Prayer

Lord, please keep me in You, secure.

Guide me in Your path of righteousness and truth.

Don’t let me get off the way; but lead me by the hand.

Smile into my face every now and then, and remind me that You’re there.

Search my heart and know if there is any false way in me, and correct me in Your love.

Don’t let me walk in deceit or to deceive; let me be light.

Speak softly to me throughout the day, and cause me, Lord, to hear You.

Don’t let me fall. Hold me up Lord Jesus. You’re the one who makes me stand.

I am Your servant, Lord, remember me always.

Teach me Your word, let it be safe in my heart.

Help me love like You do; help me pray faithfully for my neighbor.

Show me where to go when You tell me to go.

Make me bold as a lion.

Forgive me Lord for any wrong, for any sin, and help me to walk worthy of You, fully pleasing You, being fruitful in every good work.

Teach me all things.

Make me wise and show me where to go.


In Jesus’ precious Name.



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