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“That” Times

We’ve had a lot of first times, some pleasant, and some not so much.

I remember some of my first times. Like the first time I rode a bicycle without training wheels. It was such an exhilarating experience, particularly because the day before, people had tried and failed to teach me to do it, but I just took the bike out that Sunday, and rode it to victory (I fell a few times but it was fun).

I remember the first time I truly called out to God for myself; I was about eight years old. It was the beginning of many conversations with God.

I also don’t remember many of my first times. I’ve learned to be okay with that. What I do remember though, are my “that” times. Like that time when I let an older woman take my seat on the train in New York, and she was so thrilled that it shocked me. Wasn’t it normal to let other people have some benefit over you? When she was leaving she said to me, “Ciao”, in the most regal voice. I’ll never forget it.

I’ve experienced so many “that” times in my life, some, because of other people’s actions, and some because of mine. I love the idea that we impact people by some of our simple actions of love and sacrifice and kindness.

We can create “that” times – actions that change the course of life for someone else if only in some little way. We can create worthwhile memories not simply because of the obvious adventures that we embark on, but the adventures that take more self-giving, and are less acknowledged.

This part is in our hands. Through these actions we can co create with God, as we let His nature rub off on us. I think when we live like this, we become more aware of life, and consequently, we become more alive.


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