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The Damsel and the Divination Part II: Short Fiction

Eni felt sick, too sick to continue, but Maji would not let her retreat. There was more money to be made.

It was time for dinner, and Maji was in the mood for something richer in his food as the money he had made off her was bountiful today. Eni looked half like a corpse as she took the pouch of coins from him to make the necessary purchases at the market. Her own dinner would likely be bland, as Maji’s generosity was more focused on himself. She dragged herself out into the main market where souls and things were sold alike. If only the heat would let up.

Before she saw the man and his companion, she felt all the warning signs of the spirit. This time, it gripped her with such intensity she was sure she would perish. Her heart beat wildly as her knees hit the ground. She stared at him unseeing, as words poured out of her mouth.

She stood up and followed him as her legs seemed to move without her own volition. He looked surreptitiously at her, disturbed by her utterance.

“These men are servants of the Most High God who are telling you about the way of salvation.” A laugh that was not hers escaped her lips. She was dying – she felt her own death. Her heart begged the spirits to stop, but the spirits would have none of it.

This was the way it would be for days to come- this strange encounter with the man and his companions. She would have told Maji, but he never listened to anything she had to say.

On this particular day, she tried to take a different route to the section where food was sold. She hoped beyond hope that the men would be telling their message of light somewhere else.

The spirit came upon her again, and she shook with fear as she spoke the words to the hearing of everyone.

The man stopped, troubled. Finally, as if it cost him something, he turned round and said to the spirit in Eni, “In the Name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!”

No words could describe the lightness Eni felt for the first time in her short life. All around her was so much noise, people looking at her and the exchange with the strange men, watching and waiting like vultures.

Everything went still around her. She closed her eyes but nothing. A soft laugh escaped her lips, and tears poured freely from her eyes. What had he done?

In a moment, Maji was there along with a few other men. The man’s belly moved from side to side as he hurried toward the scene. He looked at Eni. She shook her head. “The spirit’s gone. It’s gone…”

Eni was still in the dirt when the men seized the strange man and his companions, carrying them away angrily.

No one said anything to her as she lay in the dirt, weight lifted. Who was this Most High God, and this Jesus Christ by whose Name she was freed?


*inspired by Acts 16: 16

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