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Can You Pass This Test?

Can you pass this test? Can you choose to hold on to God’s promises in spite of the circumstances around you? Can you spot the counterfeit and choose righteously this time? Will you guard your heart with all diligence and no more make room for the enemy’s devices? Can you choose faith over feelings- waiting over instant gratification?

I had to ask myself these questions.

Sometimes we are faced with circumstances of a familiar nature. It’s almost as if we’ve seen it before, been there before, done that before. Before you are in a hurry to dismiss it and say that it’s not the same thing, I urge you to reconsider. Maybe you’re right, or not.

Hardly are any two situations exactly the same. But, there might be similar threads recurring in the story. Usually, you’re placed in the same position to make a decision or take an action, and the elements of the story seem, even vaguely, like something you’ve lived through before.

Is it the same type of guy dressed up in a new attire? Maybe with the same ambition but not the suit wearing type this time? Or maybe he’s sweet and caring unlike your last boyfriend, but God still means nothing to Him just as He meant nothing to your last one?

Or are you rushing to commit to something again? Don’t say “This time I’m sure!” Weren’t you sure the last time? “It’s different”, you may insist. Different, how? Have you considered all factors? Did you do your homework? How many days did you let it ruminate in your mind before you said yes?

She said the same thing she did last time, and she pushed your buttons. Again. Can you pass this test? “I was beginning to trust again; this is the last straw!” you might say. Can you respond with grace in righteousness this time, without losing your cool? Without saying things you’ll regret? Do you remember how long it took you to get over the shame you experienced when you said the things you shouldn’t have?


Chase down your decisions. Go as far as you can. If I do this, then this might happen, but then this other thing might happen as well. Is it worth it? “Yes!” you might say, “It’s worth the risk to find love and happiness!” Worth the risk of hurting someone else, having your heart broken, disobeying God?

It’s the same thing. Yes, it is. You’re probably making a mistake if you walk down that path. Again. “I’ve bounced back before, so…” you might say. Don’t say. Think. Pray. Trust. Can you choose faith over feelings?

I hate making the kind of decisions that make me feel hurt, like I’m losing out on something or like I’m throwing away my chances. But, those decisions, born out of godly wisdom, and sometimes experience, are oftentimes the right choice.

I beg you. Pass this test. You can. Do you need someone there with you holding your hand through the process? I’d love to be there, but it isn’t likely that I can. However, you could reach out. Email, phone, I’ll love to speak into your life as you need. Also I hope you do find encouragement through this post and this blog in general.

1 Corinthians 10: 13

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond, He will also provide a way out so that can stand up under it.”

You can do it!

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