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Some Like It Hot

Pease porridge hot

Pease porridge cold

Pease porridge in the pot

Nine days old

Some like it hot

Some like it cold

Some like it in the pot

Nine days old

-(old nursery rhyme)


“No. I want it now!” Listen to us, we sound like 4 year olds.

I think I’ve said this on this blog, and I’ll probably share it again, but I’ve come to learn that time is not our enemy. At least it doesn’t have to be.

It might be the trade mark of our generation, but let’s not confuse it with truth. Right now. Speed. Super fast. These may get us information quickly, but do nothing for the transformation of our souls. Why do you want a burden that you are not equipped to carry? Wouldn’t you rather wait, be formed and allow patience to birth maturity in you?

“… knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:3,4)

What James speaks about in this verse of scripture has no place for speed and quickly, right here and right now. It’s some hard work. It’s hard work to wait, to be patient, and to allow patience complete its work in us.

But some like it hot.

I’ve been, in recent times, confused by the condescension towards those who desire to allow God’s work to be perfected in them through periods of waiting, in which we are taught to relinquish control to the Almighty, and in which we learn the purest trust and consequently, the purest faith.

Aren’t the journeys of the saints in the kingdom whose stories are all over the Bible, journeys of seemingly endless waiting? Aren’t those who waited faithfully commended for their faith and rewarded?

Some like it in the pot, nine days old. Yuck. Pea porridge? Anyway, to the subject at hand, we are talking about our lives here, and a lot of patience is required to live it out as well as to understand this post (or at least not throw it out).

I’ve always been inclined to like it hot, but now I’m of the ‘in the pot nine days old’ school of thought. Waiting, trusting, patience, aren’t as natural as having things done speedily and having our needs met now. But on this journey, they are most required.

I’d rather let God take His time molding me until I’m just right, than to try to make Him give me what I want when I want it. In fact, I’m so glad God didn’t answer some of my prayers the way I wanted. I occasionally remember this and thank Him for not letting me have my own way. That’s also known as the mercies of God.

Could we wait? Could we allow patience through the passing of time to have its complete work in us?

Some of us have never really grown passed a certain point in our spirits, souls, and minds. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to let it wait in the pot for however long it takes to make perfect pea porridge.

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