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Dear Priscilla

Dear Priscilla, how did you do it?

Priscilla is my favourite girl of the Bible. You may or may not know of her story, but Apostle Paul, in his epistles mentions her quite a number of times along with her husband, Aquila.

She was there with her husband to encourage and explain the gospel more adequately to Apollos, who would later be a famous preacher of the gospel. She and her husband hosted other believers in their home, and cared for people. They were a huge support financially and otherwise to Apostle Paul’s ministry.

I love that her name is mentioned as often as it is. I see this lovely woman, who has a calm spirit and is bold when it counts. I see her as the Proverbs 31 woman, handling the affairs of her household with dignity and strength. I really love this woman, and I wish I could know more about who she is and how her journey in God began and ended on earth.

Priscilla is the kind of woman that says, “I know this might not be convenient for us, but I think it would be a great idea to help this family, and be there for that other family during their struggles.”

She seems like the kind of rock of a woman that other women would be so comfortable going to for support, knowing that they wouldn’t be judged for their weaknesses or have them exposed.

You and I could be her in our own way. We should ‘Keep calm and be like Priscilla.’

Dear Priscilla, thank you for being such a cool example for me and other girls to follow. You’re truly a girl’s girl and you did a great job living it out.

For the girls out there, recognized and unrecognized, doing the work of love and ministering to others in need, God knows you. He sees you and He loves you. And I look forward to meeting you in heaven.

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