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Those Boots Were Made For Walking

Ok. Confession: This post isn’t really about boots, at least not the literal kind. This post is about design-how we are designed.

There are certain traits about us as girls that we sometimes take for granted or simply misuse. Things like a girl’s ability to size another girl up. A girl’s ability to talk her point to near death. A girl’s ability to notice really small details, and to make or draw conclusions from seemingly small unconnected things. The ability of a girl to remember promises. To cry on demand. To cry for a total stranger. And a million more. Did I say the ability to exaggerate? Need I say more?

Let’s break it down.

So another chick walks into a room. You’re hanging out with your friends, guys and girls. Maybe you’re at a restaurant (whatever kind). You notice her. She might be on the phone, or not. She might say something, or not. Have you ever found yourself deciding what kind of girl she is, and then proceeding to make a comment about her, negative though it must be? Have you ever decided on the spot that you could never like her? You’re noticing, drawing up conclusions faster than a detective using very little information at your dispense.

Anyone into soap operas? TV series? Anything? You ever cry or have your eyes fill up with tears every now and then? The characters aren’t even real. How about when your friend tells you a sad story, does it ever get to you? Empathy. You’re empathizing, and sympathizing.

How about your ability to exaggerate. When you’re “gisting” (chatting, having conversations with your friends…), do you tell colorful stories? Adding a bit of life to an otherwise simple story. Not only was the guy cute, he was mega cute, model cute… (feel free to amp it up however you want). You’re a story teller. And probably a good one too.

So, you’re a daughter of God. You’ve repented of your sins and said Jesus is your Lord. This means you’ve been automatically called to be light. You’ve been called to tell the good news (great news) that Christ Jesus has died and risen again to save the broken, lost, down trodden, hopeless, depressed, confused, forgotten, helpless. You’ve been called to love someone else into rescuing and salvation from the brokenness of this world. You’ve been called to say “Hey! God wants to be your Father and friend. The door is wide open, come on over!”

You have the ability to see beneath the “beautiful”, the bling, the make-up. You can notice even the smallest details. You could possibly spot another girl in trouble if you really cared. And you could do something. Anything. Anything but nothing.

You could smile at her, and make her smile. You could listen to her and cry with her. You could just show up. You could do so much.

Taking a step out of our normal isn’t as easy as we’d like. It requires having less to gossip about, and more to act on for another’s sake. It requires using our hidden super powers for good and not evil. To build up and not to break down. We could tell really colorful stories and destroy an already iffy reputation, or we could cover up a multitude of sins as love would do.

Our boots were made for walking, not for hitting or wounding.

And if you’re the girl who knows she’s broken (haven’t we all been?), or finds herself breaking somebody else, would you accept the free gift of God’s Fatherhood and friendship today?

‘If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. We believe with our hearts, and so we are made right with God. And we declare with our mouths what we believe, and so we are saved.’ –Romans 10:9, 10 (NCV)

What will you do today? Who will you be?

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