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The Time Thing

Things DO get clearer with time. We do need time in order to discover certain things – like purpose. I’m learning new things about myself because time and what events it allows have given me the opportunity. This is why patience and understanding are important.

Life has forced me to see things differently. I, like Jesus, am learning patience through the things I suffer. Like Joseph – so I can have the wisdom he had to make the right decisions for an empire. Like Moses who would learn restraint after forty years. Like Hannah who would understand the most important things. Like Abraham, so he understood the sovereignty of God – that God and His promises were bigger than he was. 

Again, like Joseph. Joseph had dreams. God Himself gave him the dreams. His first introduction to slavery must have stunned him and left him stunned for years until he understood the sovereignty of God – that the God who gave him the dreams was able to bring them to pass ALL BY HIMSELF. What Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, had to do was be FAITHFUL. God was God all by Himself.

Thank You LORD.


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