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Seeking After God

Jesus died so I could be restored into a relationship with God, and He has given me the same ministry of reconciliation.

I realize that when my daily pursuit isn’t God Himself and His calling to join Him in His work, I am vulnerable to enslavement by false gods because I start to seek my identity and worth in things rather than in my Creator.

My goal in life is to seek after God. Each day- every day. God spoke to my heart and helped me see that everything has a place. He was teaching me about Himself as my priority, but I understand now that I didn’t quite get this. For a period, I have been chasing after things and fallen into a dark pit of doubt, sin and shame. But now He’s showing me the beauty of His word, of His love and of His life. I’m so excited! Thank You LORD!

I love knowing I am loved and saved through Christ!!! 😀

Life is so simple when we realize who and what we are living for each day- every moment of our lives. For me, it just makes everything else in my life- every seemingly important activity that has taken over my mind- so inconsequential. Gosh. I feel like I’ve been living in the dark for so long! Now I can see. God’s freedom is mine and I embrace it. I feel like I’ve been living life out of context! God is my life and my purpose!

P.S. I a just spent $15 on a blog theme I can’t use. Paying for my impatience. 😦

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