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Blue Days

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ.” (1Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Blue Days… 

Some days the sky is blue, some days I am blue, and some days the day is blue.

God is not absent when I am sad. He is not absent when I am disappointed in people. He is not absent when I am lonely. He is not absent when I am upset. He is present and constant. My feelings don’t have to be my enemy- they don’t have to rule over me, “For in this sanctuary, God is here…”* 

When I say this, I am conscious of the verse of scripture I put up at the beginning of this post: “ALWAYS BE JOYFUL.” What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean ALWAYS BE HAPPY. Joy isn’t happiness, which is something we mistakenly pursue. Joy is this huge blanket of peace and gratitude in knowing the constantNESS of God (pardon my grammar). That no matter what I feel, and no matter what I am going through, GOD IS HERE. God is here and He is greater than my feelings and my circumstances. That’s what joy is. That’s why it comes with prayer and thankfulness. 

I have fought my feelings as if God was asking me to be anything other than human. I have been tempted to harden myself against any disappointments and things such as that. I know what it’s like to harden myself. It’s not living; it’s more like dying. I have come to a conclusion and have said to God, “I rather know pain and be able to experience Your presence, than be hardened and know nothing at all.”

Some days the sky is blue, and some days the sky is hidden behind the clouds. But let us be joyful always, being at peace and being filled with gratitude that GOD IS HERE. He is constant. He doesn’t change when everything else changes. We don’t need to fight our feelings 😊. We need to focus on God and who God is. And His peace that is beyond understanding will guard our hearts in Christ Jesus. Amen.
*”God is Here” song. Lyrics by Martha Munizzi

5 thoughts on “Blue Days

      1. Haha! Amen to God making it clear to us. A lot of the time, I think God may want us to choose. You know how we know that we’re in God’s hands so no matter what comes our way, He’s got us? I’m trying to think of joy in that same sense. I’m also trying to consciously remind myself that God has me, and that Joy is in Christ, and once I am in Christ, my joy is sure!

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