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On Earthquakes and Sovereignty

I feel like you put it quite succinctly, Alheri. 😊

Ms Alheri

Hello everyone,

My last post has been my most read, since I started blogging four months ago. I’m grateful to God- He did that. And thank you all for reading. I just wish the more scripture dense posts were read as much as the last one was 🙂

God bless you all for reading, and may He grant the desires of your heart.

I’ve been thinking about today’s post for a few days now. I know exactly what I want to say, but I don’t know how to, and I do not want my intentions to be misconstrued. But I’ll present my thoughts as carefully and as lovingly as I can, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest of the work. After all, God placed this on my heart. He does not share His glory with anyone, and His strength is perfected in my weakness.

That said, here is today’s…

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