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Beauty From Pain

I’m listening to a Superchick song, “Beauty From Pain”. It’s been a long time since I heard it. 

This post is about giving light in the darkness. It’s about sharing our light-little it may be-with others who are walking through the same dark places we have walked. It’s about the kind of relevance that God wants us to have on this earth. 

Sometimes giving light means reaching out in the dark to someone else’s hand to assure that person theat they are not alone. We often think of love as something that requires an epic demonstration. Well, not usually. It doesn’t always bring fluffy fuzzy feelings. It’s hard. It requires more from us than we’re usually ready to give. It goes unnoticed some times. It’s something we still have to give even when we don’t receive it from others.

That’s why I absolutely love the message of the cross: We can’t save ourselves by our own good works or strength. We need God’s love and salvation which He so freely gave. All we have to do is ACCEPT. He’ll take it from there. ACCEPT. SURRENDER. RECEIVE.

Only when we do this can we give. Not out of our little, but out of God’s abundance working with our little-our mustard seed sized faith. Imperfect. Little. Almost nonexistent. He can do great things with our little. God can bring beauty from pain. This is the message of the cross: beauty, freedom, peace, joy, from the pain that Jesus suffered. This is the message we can receive right where we are, and this is the message we can share right where we are.

God loves you. God loves us.
P.S. You can check out the song through the link below. Enjoy. 😊

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