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A Trust Prayer

Dear LORD,

I’ve been struggling with trusting You.This morning I prayed to You and told You that I wanted to let go, but still needed Your direction.

You heard my prayer and answered swiftly. 😀 I know that is what it means to experience Your love and mercy that You give me as I am.

You always direct me in the things I need to know and do for the time or season. You remind me that You hear me and You listen to me. It’s true that I can’t and don’t see everything clearly now, but You’ve proved beyond all doubt that You do listen and You answer not just as You please. I also know that it pleases You to love me. That’s great because I can always count on You doing the things You do out of love for me. 😀

I know now that if I can’t see some things clearly, I should trust still because You know all things and You love me. I can know ; I can be confident that when the time is right, I will also receive clarity and Your guidance about specific things.

Today is beautiful, and Now is always a good time to experience and express Your love with the resources You give me.

You have given me all things freely and richly to enjoy. I trust You Father. Thank You for loving me. I love You.

P.S. Thank You for adding another year to my sister’s life today! 😀

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