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Lessons On Love (Some)

I realize that there so much more waiting that God wants me to do. But He is teaching me about what is real and what is not: that is to discern the truth from the lie about love and relationships and about sex as well.

I’m discovering even more about the richness of the the kind of life He wants me to live, and in this life, I know better that what the world tells me is a necessary part of life and what the world tells me is unavoidable isn’t necessarily so. In particular sex and the sex drive are not as the world paints them to be.

I’m learning about love, intimacy and friendship. Love, intimacy and friendship are the right kind of motivation for human relationships-not lust or society’s infatuation with sex itself. This is incomplete. It’s like a math equation. If you approach it from the wrong end, you’ll get the wrong results even if you come close to the answer.

I’ve decided that the way of the world doesn’t work for me AT ALL. There’s a way that works and that is God’s way. God is the Creator. He made everything beautiful and He made everything for a reason. His plan is better than we could imagine. It’s better than anything we can come up with ourselves.

I’m walking a path-a beautiful and golden path that leads to life. I trust God and I trust His path and that’s what counts. I never have to fear the trouble or pain or the baseness of the human existence. This is where true happiness is found. 😊

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