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Simply Living

What would my life look like if I wasn’t pushing too hard? If I sometimes pause- wait to let things unfold? If I allow myself to create on some days, and to savor another’s creations on some other days? If I trusted that God wasn’t blind to the needs of the world and that He had a way-a system in which I was but a tiny part? If I wasn’t trying to be the boss of everything when there is someone I call Lord? If I could learn not only to give but also to receive? If I trusted myself- my life to the One who above all can be trusted? If I lived like someone who waits for instructions whatever form they come, like the instruction to wait? If I remembered that God created all things richly for me to enjoy? If I never forgot that above all, He loves me and will never leave me?

What a life that would be! 🙂

I realize that there is so much of life that God wants to show me- that He wants me to be a part of if only I would let go of my own way of thinking in exchange for His.

For a long time I’ve thought that life was all about ticking things off a list of goals and creating mind-blowing resumes. Now I’m embracing all of life- EVERYTHING.

I am most grateful for the peace I have now rather than the weight of my good intentions.

God’s plan includes everything. Just like not every part of us is by itself appealing, and the sum of our parts makes us US, not every bit of life is by itself appealing, but the sum of it all is the life that God wants to use- that He wants to mold for good.

I accept.

Thank You LORD!

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