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About Those Plans

Where do I begin? Do I begin from the part where I realized that I had started to make things hard for myself? I guess I would.

I’ve been struggling with my thoughts, feeling guilty but still trying to justify them and trying to make Gods’s way fit into mine. But like the scriptures say, “God made man simple, but he has made himself more complicated.”

So then, it is simply this: “Love the LORD and do right.”

I don’t believe, like many seem to believe these days, that I could have a map of my life. I can’t measure the distance or discover the estimated time of arrival. I think this journey I’m on is actually more similar to a treasure hunt. At certain points, a clue is revealed and I know my immediate next step.

I’m fine with not being as competent as some seem to be, at describing the next twenty years of my life. My ideas always pale in comparison to what God has planned. My idea of the journey also may be too easy when He has a harder road for me to walk in.

I accept to be driven by my God and the passion(in different forms) that He has put in my heart. I DON’T WANT THE VERSIONS OF LIFE THAT I COME UP WITH. My own versions usually end up in the trash. I WANT, NEED, DESIRE, GOD’S PLAN FOR MY LIFE!

To the deep with my plans!!! 😀

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