24 December 2014 Happy

24 December 2014

“Aint nothing happier than happy in Jesus.” 🙂

I just want to be happy in You, God, satisfied in You, happy and satisfied. Blessed, thrilled, joyful, complete, at ease, at peace, in love with You, full of love, full of hope, full of blessings, full of mercy and words of mercy.

I want to be a fountain of good things, a spring of love and hope and faith. I want to be a blessing. I am so blessed, Lord.

You love me. Wow! God loves ME!
I want You, Lord. You are life. I want to dive in head first into a pool of You-into a pool of Your love. How awesome is that?!

“And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid.”

Thank You Lord!

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