26 November 2014

26 November 2014

LORD, I want to truly live!
I want to really live. Help me appreciate what’s real around me and in my life. Please help me to recognize the gifts You have given me.
Please help me to embrace them fully, and not be afraid that I’m missing something. Help me to always remember that I’m not the architect of my life, but that YOU are.
Only YOU know the future. Help me to see more rather than grope for the unseen. Help me to love and trust You wholly. Help me to embrace silence and stillness. Help me to love every moment, and to show love every moment I can.
You know everything-I don’t. I want to know You LORD, because in the end, that’s what counts.
Please help me not to be afraid but to be naked and yet unashamed before You, Lord! Help me not to be afraid of what people think or say. Help me to care only about what You think and say, because my value is in You and in no one else.
I embrace Your freedom now. I choose not to be a captive of fear and of the world. I embrace Your freedom!
Thank You LORD!

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