23 November 2014 My Journey So Far

23 November 2014 My Journey So Far

LORD, I just want to thank You for how far You’ve brought me-how far You’ve brought me in my mindset and thinking process.
I see life in a completely new perspective. I don’t see people or groups of people as my safe place, pillar or refuge. I see You as more than capable of being all that to me.

You are the ROCK that cannot be shaken. Only You can never fail. Only You can never fail me. Now instead of needing people, I consider that people may need me. I see my life reflecting the old hymn that says to comfort rather than to be comforted; to understand rather than be understood; to love with all my heart rather than to be loved. It makes me much more GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE when people show me love and kindness. I’m more appreciative of the little gifts or expressions of love I receive from people. I see things this way because my expectations are of God, no longer of people to fill any holes in my life. If, then, God brings people into my life who see me as I am, and just love me, I’ll consider it, instead of something I’m desperately in need of, as a gift and an added blessing to my life. I’ll see it as a GIFT –a gift that reflects God’s love for me. I do hope for this as what it is –completely satisfied that God’s place in my life is secure.

I love You my God! Thank YOU!

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