7 November 2014 It’s Not All About Me

7 November 2014 It’s Not All About Me

I really have thought that all this was about me.
I’ve spent my time trying to figure out and fit every puzzle in my life and have come out frustrated because they seemed not to add up. I realize that all this time I thought everything God was doing in my life was about me!
Had the LORD not been merciful to tell me the truth at this point in my life, I would have deprived people of the full extent of God’s purpose through me.
I am SO sorry. And I have been set free because I realize that I am a citizen of God’s kingdom- I will go where He leads me and do what He wants me to do- and it is not ALL about me.
I realize that God desires us to be light wherever He places us and for whatever season. I believe God puts us in different places to reflect His light and glory. He calls us to love and to show the attitude of His kingdom.
I am an agent of God’s kingdom!
Thank You LORD for Your patience with me, and Your love! 

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