3 November 2014

3 November 2014

Earlier that day…
I don’t want to fight my singleness at all; I want to embrace it wholly. But I find myself wanting relationship and connection and love. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s something you wait for or something you go after, but going after has never worked for me, and waiting isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I want to stop wanting OR get it already. I don’t have either of these. I feel like I need God to show me that I’ve been wrong somewhere, or help me wait right. Too much?

Later in the day…
I can see things more clearly and I’m very hopeful now. I realize that I have been looking for the wrong thing(s) and looking in the wrong direction, but what I realize I needed to be looking for is now within reach. I feel so different –like someone who for a long time has had her head in the clouds, but finally gets to see what happens on the ground. It is an amazing and a refreshingly freeing revelation!
Thank You Lord!!!

God helped me embrace the beauty of friendship and simplicity. He helped me embrace patience. 🙂

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