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20 September 2014 On Healing

20 September 2014


Thanksgiving is the evidence of believing. Halleluyah! Praise God! It is well with me. Thank You, LORD, for saving me.

Thank You Holy Spirit for quickening my mortal body! Thank You LORD Jesus because Your body was broken so that mine could be made whole, and Your blood was shed so that I wouldn’t have to pay the price over.

The LORD is my dwelling place, and I am His dwelling place, and I am His dwelling place, no harm shall come to me. Thank You LORD!

I can trust in Your word-I believe in Your word. Your words are healing to me. Your words, O God, refresh my soul. They renew my body. Your words give me courage. Your words give me strength. I am blessed beyond measure and I am vibrant with health and life in my bones and flesh.

In all of me, God be exulted. You are all the HELP I need. My Helper, my Comforter, God my strength, I trust in You and gladly believe all that You say. So I am not alone but You are with me; “Though I lay my bed in the depths, even there You ARE!”  J

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